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chatbox!! say hiiiii :]

welcome!! make yourself at home :]

hey! this site isn't made to be viewed on mobile. i'm workin on it.

i'm wes, and this is my site! i got into coding a little less than a year ago because i was frustrated by the lack of customization + the commercialization of social medias.

i'm most active on tumblr here, but my about me page has my other socials linked :]

i'm still figuring out what to put in this middle section uhhhhhhh. uh. uh . snark
who up playing with they bug drawing of a snark snark being held

ma friends :p
duskgryphon-neocities zombiedogs sheppy cd rome boatemhq swampgremlin hazelweb

my decorations!!!!!
mcr blinkie fall out boy blinkie slipknot pierce the veil blinkie monster CD enthusiast vamps pls blinkie meat my mom thinks im cool vampire i love dr pepper blinkie hell yeah im weird blinkie i heart my online friends a life? what's that? my back hurts!!!!! rats! rats! rats! star trek blinkie tf2 the cake is a lie kobra kid
PRO AO3 FREAK tumblrpocalypse freemans mind fan no ai allowed piracy now! minecraft
tf2 red team star gif emo stamp proud to be a plague rat teeth love <3 nintendo 3ds echo you are not immune to propaganda pro barney calhoun freemans mind stamp portal stamp i support headcrabs half life mommy long legs

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