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HIIII i'm flattered that you want to know more about me :3...... my name is Wesley and i use they/them! i'm an 18yr old nonbinary artist from canada.

i took up coding not too long ago because most social medias have been pissing me off with shitty UI changes and general tik-tok-ification. and the consumerism/capitalism.

i wanted my own little corner of the internet where i can be insane about my things without having something constantly sold to me, a place that i have 100% control of!

i've always enjoyed older stuff, like old internet and physical media and such. i started collecting CDs when i was like 13/14!!!

right now my current interests are freeman's mind and ultrakill!!! but i also enjoy most half-life machinimas, portal, tf2, and star trek!

i don't know what i'd call my fashion sense. i just sorta dress like an edgy teenage boy. but alternative fashion is something that's interested me for a long time!! emo, goth, nu-metal, and 2014 tumblr grunge are all things that inspire me to get more 'out there' with my outfits.

music is a huge part of my identity. i'll listen to most alternative subgenres, but midwestern/classic emo, new wave, and nu metal are probably my favourites. some of my favourite bands ever are fall out boy, my chemical romance, and modern baseball!!!
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